Okinawan longevity’s secret, they trust in weathered coral.

Excerpt from<Weathered coral, a book on energy and health>

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Gift from Heaven

Coral is man’s best natural gifts from God

While alive, it cleans the oceans and air;

When it is weathered, it plays an important role in human health.


20 years ago, a thought was aroused,

which was to combine coral calcium with water purifying system.

This way, it will help people to enjoy

the convenience of being healthy by simply drinking water.

This has led to the first Aquarevive Water Purifier system in the year 2007.

Spirit of ingenuity

Filial piety」is a man’s character that is unmatched in the world;

Success」one must be filial to achieve the greatest success in life.

This is Aquarevive’s Motto, to encourage all members to practice filial piety to their elders.

The Original Intention

The decision to build the purifier using best raw materials is the assurance to our clients.

Only the best raw materials can manufacture high quality Aquarevive water purifier

We believe that the focus should not be how profitable Aquarevive is,

as it will hinder the growth of the company.

In our heart, our Soul is much more important than just profits.


Insist in using raw materials is the first major Must.

And we insist on using pure weathered coral.

Adhere to the law and regulations is the second Persistence.

Starting from washing, presses, drying, calcination, and vaporize until the packaging, we follow strictly to Japanese technology and never deviate from the process.

Innovation is the third Persistence, and it will be the future.

With the Japanese method of combining purified water with coral’s calcium which contains large amounts of hydrogen, it greatly enhanced the Aquarevive water purifier system.

We will uphold the initial intention and continue to create future breakthroughs in our products

This began in Taiwan, and now the world.