United States Senate document No. 264, 74th Congress pointed out:
"the severity in lack of the trace elements in human body
and the importance of trace elements on human"

 According to United States Senate document No. 264,
trace elements are of great importance to human body.

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Shockingly, the food, fruit and vegetables we eat,
from thousands of cultivated land no longer contains enough trace elements
needed by the human body.

From the senated document, over 99 percent of Americans lack trace elements.
Lack of one of the trace elements could lead to serious diseases.

Weathering coral is a natural product,
containing extremely rich trace elements and minerals ex. calcium and magnesium.

These elements, are all known in ionic form, 
can replenish minerals in the body solving trace element deficiency.

Advantages of cell growth and renewal are charateristics
that make Aquarevive stands out among all other products.


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