You might have some doubts

How long can the cartridges last before changing?

The design of Aquarevive water purifier system is not just for water filtration and purification; it is also designed for user’s ease of change in cartridge.

First path: Ceramic filter with transparent cover for easy checking and it can be washed any time.

Second and third path: Water purification filter designed for families of 4~5 can use up to 6~12 months

The fourth, fifth and sixth path : After every 8 hours, the calcium cartridge is able to produce up to 600cc with proper usage based on the guide.

You can use up to 18 ~ 24 month ( based on the calculation for the urbanized water users).

How does Aquarevive water purifier system differs from other water purifier sold in the market?

1.   It is designed with dual-usage, blue water tape outlet for alkaline energy water for tens of thousands of ways of daily usage;  

Red water tape outlet is purified element water with calcium and minerals for different size of family with different water needs.   It has function like, Antioxidant, it is able to remove pesticides during washing and is rich in mineral which is not comparable to other water purifiers.

2.   No electricity required. No wastage of water after purification. Low rate of failure. The most environmental-friendly and cost-effective water purification system. 

Can Purified Element water help in home food safety?

Purified Element water can wash away residual pesticides in any food ingredients.

These days there are so many issues on food safety; Purified Element water can prevent such issues from happening at home.

How to prevent the strong tastes during the initial usage and drinking Purified element water?

To prevent the strong tastes, it is recommended to have a ratio of 9:1 of the alkaline energy water and calcium energy water.

If the taste is still not favorable, by adding lemon, honey and brown sugar or fruit vinegar will help to remove it.

Drinking Purified element water, what are some of the general tastes and responses?

A bitter taste, fishy smell, sour taste, preserved egg smell, feeling of vomiting, Hemp spiny, astringency, spicy taste and/or sweet taste.

Why are good water drinking habits so difficult to maintain?

Mr LI Ka-Shing said : to cultivate a good habit, it could take up to three years, because it can bring you wealth and health.

To cultivate a bad habit, it just needs only three seconds, like a friend offering a cigarette to you and you can get addicted to it for life.

And this might reduce your wealth and health and do more harm! Smart people, do you understand?

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